Black Authors Network Radio Frequently Asked Questions

Join us weekly for the most stimulating conversation on the planet! African American community leaders, authors, writers, poets, and book lovers come together 3 times a week to discuss things that matter the most in our communities. Join us and become part of our family!

Black Authors Network Radio Talk Show
Monday and Wednesday Nights at 8-10pm EST
Host Ella Curry, president and CEO of EDC Creations

Author/Speakers call-in number
(646) 200-0402;  fans use the same number to call in


Benefits of Paid Promotional Coverage
-|- We do not follow the radio trends, we create them
-|- We increase your territory of readers and potential consumers
-|- Potential to expose your books to an International audience
-|- We are a favorite stop for 5 virtual tour companies-bringing crowds
-|- We go beyond the BTR chat room; we promote you to the masses
-|- Access to our years of resources, contacts and dedicated followers
-|- Each show creates 3 different RSS feed driven newsletters weekly
-|- EDC Creations has a relationship with book clubs and reader's groups

BAN Statistics - Our Monthly Reach
-|- BAN Radio created 12.22.2007
-|- 1.7 Thousand LIKES on Facebook
-|- 3,435,912 show downloads to date
-|- 3,000+ Twitter followers
-|- 13,000+ Facebook followers (3 acct.)
-|- 1,000+ registered Blogtalk Radio friends
-|- Listed in 130+ RSS Feed Directories and iTunes
-|- Show creates 3 email newsletters (total 271,000+ subscribers)
-|- International listeners from social network feeds, view here
-|- Data monitored with Sitemeter; we know who supports BAN
-|- Average 900 or more downloads/listens per radio show, view here.
-|- We are Featured BTR Hosts, reaching potentially millions weekly

Note: Stats as of December 30, 2012 


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Your $45.00 Payment Covers
-|- The $45.00 covers the promotions before and after your visit
-|- Admin. fees cover website maintenance and updates
-|- Admin. fees help with the cost of Constant Contact eblast
-|- Admin. fees for the book reviewer and EDC staff members
-|- Promotion by an award winning media firm, EDC Creations
-|- Syndication of your interview to BAN email newsletter subscribers

Should we invest more into your dream than you do?
Most BTR hosts depend on the actual chat room head count to determine if they have a popular show or not. EDC Creations does not. Our audience is not soley in the BTR chat room. They live around the globe and come from all walks of life. We have millionaires listening in Las Vegas and little housewives in Dublin! We know because they reply to us from the email newsletter with much praise about the people we bring to empower them. They also go to iTunes, Podbean, 130 of our social network profiles and the BAN Radio Show homepage to download the shows weekly. Our fans receive our show in their email accounts so they do not have to stop their lives to come in the chat room. They love us for making life easier!

EDC Creations goes beyond the chat room to let people know about you and your product. A chat room can only hold a few folks, but our RSS feeds can entertain and educate all 165, 000 of our subscribers weekly!


BAN Radio Show Shelftalker:  $199.00

Tell the world that your book is out! Small business owners, event planners, personal coaches, publishers, artists, have a new product, service or a event that needs exposure? Tell our listeners today!  Create an audio introduction, reading and sales pitch that will be played on BAN Radio Show 6 times on 6 different radio shows  in 30 days.  The author or business owner will receive the full instructions via email, after payment.

* Fee includes 5 Minute Radio Commercial aired on 6 shows in 30 days
* Book cover added to the front page sidebar of Black Pearls Magazine
* AudioShelftalker page remains on EDC Creations' site for 90 days, view here.
* Samples: Lutishia Lovely. Alexis Herman. Kimberla Lawson Roby. Leonard Pitts Jr.

* Interview on BAN Radio Show for 30-45 minutes. We were selected as Featured Hosts at Blogtalk Radio!   At the present time, our shows are averaging more than 1,200 downloads per show!  View the stats for one week, click here.  The radio show creates its own newsletter that has 118,000 subscribers. The RSS feed from the show is listed in 130 podcast and blog directories. This means that millions of people have the potential, the opportunity, to hear your interview with Ella Curry and to obtain your book information. View the stats from one of our shows with 24,000 downloads in a single week. Click here to view the screenshot.  Listen to the BAN Radio Show with 24,000 downloads, click here.


More About The Black Authors Network Talk Show
The Black Author Network (BAN Radio) is a weekly online radio show that features authors and literary leaders three times per week to give the readers a blast of knowledge, wisdom, and empowerment. Our philosophy is one of positive self-image and empowerment. We are dedicated to promoting the advancement of multicultural, diverse books in all aspects of business and social networking. 

Using author interviews as the theme for each show, book lovers get a first-hand look at the “behind the book” news, as the authors and host, Ella D. Curry, share the storyline of new book releases. We respect our readers’ intelligence and strive to deliver shows and books that enrich their lives. We come to the readers each week to invoke dialogues on increasing literacy for future generations, to enlighten the community on great books, and to empower our readers with the Gift of Knowledge! 

Join us in serving as a collective voice committed to providing quality literature to an international audience. Tune in each Monday and Wednesday night, 8-10 pm EST at: BlogTalk Radio or call into the live radio show at: (646) 200-0402.

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Black Authors Network Radio Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is BAN Radio and what are some of its roles in the publishing industry?
The Black Authors Network (BAN) is dedicated to providing information to help black business owners and authors gain access to today's consumers and to helping promote the growth of black businesses and literature. The Black Authors Network, is here to bring people together, to create a dialog, and share valuable resources. Our goal is to serve the unique needs of authors, businesses, organizations, and concerned parents who wish to improve literacy and strengthen the new literary community. We represent publishing houses, independently published authors, event planners, publicity representatives and most of all the readers of quality literature in our pursuit of excellence!

The concept for the BAN Network came after an interview will literary legend, Pat G'Orge Walker. She explained the necessity of the Black literary community pulling together and supporting each other and our genres. We decided at that time we would encourage, inspire, and empower our members, as they strive to fulfill their dreams of becoming successful entrepreneurs, published authors, and community leaders. 

To accomplish our goals we create virtual events and promotions, local networking opportunities, provide professional web development and form strategic alliances with book lovers, authors, social network partners, and business owners around the world. On BAN Radio we promote quality literature period. We welcome books from all genres and authors of any race, nationality, culture or stage in publishing.

Join us as we capitalize on these brilliant opportunities and successfully address the challenges we face as a progressive, pro-active people. If you would like to be a guest on the BAN radio show, you will be joining a family of people dedicated to the advancement of literature and the improvement of literacy within our communities. Reserve your slot here today.  Email the BAN Radio Show Producer, Ella Curry, here.

Q: Other BTR shows do not charge fees. Why do you charge for interviews?

We absolutely do not charge for the interviews on Blog Talk Radio.  EDC Creations charges for the use of their services to promote the book before, during and after the showcase. The fees go toward the maintenance and staff that operates behind the BAN Radio Show to support the authors. The Black Authors Network Radio show goes beyond the BTR platform to showcase your interviews, commercials and panel discussions. We have syndicated our radio show in various networks around the Internet. We offer our 165,000 readers the opportunity to meet our guests and to take action afterwards. Your experience on a BAN Radio Show is an event, not just an interview!

Q: After paying the $45.00 fee to the EDC Creations staff, will they work on promoting my book? Will my book be placed in your network and on-line stores?
We will place your book on our BAN Radio newsletter, on the BAN Radio blog and will add it to our Amazon sponsored bookstore.  If the book is not listed with Amazon or shows "out of stock" details, we can not add it to our stores. We will link the book to the author's website or book sellers. We will promote the small business owner on BAN Radio Show as well. We also host community events for other organizations working to better our neighborhoods. 

Q: Do I choose the date and time before or after I pay the $45.00 fee?
After submitting the administration fee, we will look at our calendar and schedule your showcase. We keep our shows booked weeks in advance. If you have a book release date or a blog tour planned, it is wise to contact us the month prior to the release.

If you have a particular date in mind for your event, you can pay $75.00 to select your own date and time slot, if the host doesn't have a prior engagement scheduled, your hour long event can take place. All regular BAN radio shows take place on Monday or Wednesday at 8-10pm EST. Other days can be obtained by contacting the BAN Radio producer and host, Ella Curry at:  All fees go to EDC Creations Media Group for the promotion of the book or product by their company, not for the actual interview on air. The interviews on BTR is always FREE.

Q: Who is the host of the BAN Radio Show? How does the host fit into the publishing industry?
Ella D. Curry is the president of EDC Creations Media Group. She brings more than twenty-three years of PR and marketing experience to clients in film, music, publishing and corporate event planning. Her expertise, as well as her love for all things literary has earned her a reputation as a respected leader in the publishing/marketing industry.  Ella has enjoyed an extensive tenure in media promotions and book publicity. She started out as a corporate event planner and website developer; later becoming a buyer for the legendary Karibu Book Store chain. Her career now includes services such as blog tour coordinator, book coach, video journalist and literary publicist.

Widely recognized as a leading expert on African American Internet book promotion she is asked to speak and/or moderate panels at literary events and conferences across the nation. Her client list reads like the Who's Who Elite of publishing and with good reason!  Ella uses the latest technology and proven business models to create golden success behind every project and book she launches into the world!

EDC Creations is the parent company of the Sankofa Literary Society, the Black Authors Network Radio Show and Black Pearls Magazine. The Sankofa Literary Society empowers independent and/or self-published authors through mentoring programs. The popular Black Authors Network radio program offers new authors a chance to showcase their books to thousands of readers weekly. Black Pearls Magazine, is a online literary destination for thousands bookclubs and social network fans around the globe.

As the host of award-winning BAN Radio Show  and editor of  Black Pearls Magazine, Ella Curry has interviewed award winning authors, celebrated journalists, and community leaders such as: the legendary Dr. Maya Angelou, Alexis M. Herman former U.S. Secretary of Labor, The View's Emmy award-winning co-host Sherri Shepherd, Pulitzer Prize winning columnist Leonard Pitts Jr.,  New York Times bestselling authors Walter Mosley, Kimberla Lawson Roby, Mary Frances Berry,  Mary B. Morrison, Carl Weber, Wahida Clark and Mary Monroe.

In addition to interviewing change agents, she has showcased such top selling authors as:   Dr. Daniel Black, Dr. Cornell West, Paula Giddings, Haki R. Madhubuti, Marita Golden, Dr. Lakesia D. Johnson, Sonia Sanchez, social activists Dr. Dorothy Irene Height and Jayne Cortez,  social psychologist Wade W. Nobles, Olympian Devon Harris, children's book author Eloise Greenfield, and Dr. Bernard Walker former astronaut. 

While providing media coverage for  the Congressional Black Caucus Author's Pavilion and Book Expo America for the last 5 years, Ella has found that interviewing profound community leaders, shaped her own life and business.  She has interviewed and learned from:  Dr. Julianne Malveaux, political commentator and 15th president of Bennett College,  award-winning journalist Gwen Ifill,  Dr. Brenda Greene, Exec. Dir. of the Center for Black Literature, Medgar Evers College, Annette Gordon-Reed, and American historian and Harvard Law School professor, and Lynn Richardson, the The Mortgage Guru and leader of MC Lyte's Hip Hop Sisters Foundation.

Ella Curry has also interviewed award-winning actors and actresses such as Hill Harper, Queen Latifah, Jennifer Hudson, Dakota Fanning, Tristan Wilds, Tanya Wright, Tyrese Gibson, Bern Nadette Stanis, Pam Grier, Winter Ramos of Love & Hip-Hop NY and international, motivational speaker Lisa Nichols from the Secret DVD. She has also been honored with interviews with musical artists jazz great Ron Carter,  Ledisi, MC Lyte,  and the celebrated drummer Cora Coleman-Dunham. 

Ms. Curry lives in Maryland with daughter. When she's not working, she loves to travel, write short stories, and chatting in Internet groups with her international group of friends. As her entrepreneurial spirit guides the way upward, she continues to involve herself in challenging, life enhancing projects.

Ella Curry is also the publisher of Candid Lifestyle Magazine, a professional blogger and literary reporter on  where she publishes her popular Intimate Conversation Interviews with today's hottest authors, business owners and community leaders. In the Spring of 2015, Ella will release her first book on how to effectively market and promote your book with social media while on a budget.  If you would like more information or have comments, you may reach her via email at: 

Q: Will it air live including a link that I can send to my subscribers?
All BAN shows air live on the Internet. There will be a chat room for your guests to meet with you during the live interview. The link is provided in your confirmation email. Please print and save the show information. Pass this information on to your guests and network. After the show, it is available for download to iPods, your computer, CDs and most importantly by a widget you can place all over the web. The BAN Radio Show is syndicated to 130 live Internet feeds and blog directories. The show creates email 2 newsletters which are later sent to our subscribers via RSS feed and email. Your appearance will remain in the BTR BAN Radio archives for you to use as needed.

Q: Is the format one in which your listeners can call in with questions?

Yes. We welcome callers to the show. We ask that they call from a very quiet place. We will open the mic and allow them to share reviews, ask questions, and to join in the conversation. We offer gifts for participants in our show chat room and for those who blog with us during our showcases. The gifts are normally books or gift cards. We ask each author to provide us the first six digits of their special guests phone numbers, so that we know who we have on the phones. All other numbers on the switchboard are usually the fans or our listeners.

Q: Are the interviews conducted by the host after you review the authors book? Does the book have to be in stores before the interview. Do you allow ebooks too?
No, your book does not have to be printed to discuss it. BAN Radio shows are normally conducted by the host Ella Curry. However, from time to time we have guest hosts and co-hosts. Your interview will be based on your comments and active participation in the show. We do have branded interview questions to start the conversation, after that, we go with the flow! 

Other guests on the show can ask questions and make comments as well during your interview. Know your book! Ella will always ask about the relationships in the book, how your book relates to today's society, how your book impacts the reader and what your book will do for the community. These questions will be asked for fiction and non-fiction titles. We accept ebooks too.

Ella prefers that she read the book, then conduct the interviews. She will have a better idea where to lead the questions. However, the authors can provide enough details in their responses to conduct a fabulous show, even if Ella hasn't read the book. On BAN Radio, we do not just sell books. We give the gift of knowledge! Your goal should be to sell our fans the dream, passion and news surrounding your network!

Q: What do you do with your review copies after reading them?
We donate all books to book clubs, share books with our chatters as gifts, and give to homeless shelters in the DC/MD area. We do not sell our review copies online or at events. However, they may be placed in baskets, used as contest prizes, or added to grab bags that we/partners raffle off for charitable events. If the book is a 5-star read, Ella will keep the book and add it to her collection. All reviewers keep the actual books for their own home libraries. Your book will be placed in the hands of avid readers! Once we review the books, we rate them on the Black Pearls Magazine and on Amazon Listmanias.

Explore Black Pearls Magazine here.
   Explore Our Listmania Lists here.

Q: What is the actual website link to the radio show and the companion blog?
For the most stimulating conversation on the planet, join Ella Curry and her guests on the BAN Radio Show. Email Ella to establish a date and time to share your book or business with the BAN fans across the world!

BAN Community Blog

Black Authors Network Radio Show
Monday and Wednesday Nights; broadcast from Maryland
Call-in number for authors and readers: (646) 200-0402
Live Chat at:
Tune in at 8:00 pm Eastern Standard Time, 7:00pm CST & 5:00pm PST

Q: Does the BAN Radio Show support virtual book tours?
Yes, Black Pearls Magazine and EDC Creations Media Group hosts monthly virtual media tours for authors! We also provide promotional services for book tours online and offline. We are always seeking people to add to our tour stops as hosts. We are now accepting new stops on the tours. We also hold virtual book release parties on the show for $155.00. The fee is for the promotions behind  the event.

Seeking radio shows, book club tour stops and blog tour hosts
Would you like authors to visit your radio show, website, blog or to hold a tele-conference with your friends? Join our team today. To become part of the Black Pearls/EDC Creations family, email Ella Curry at:  and put "Book Tour Host" in the subject line. Virtual book tours bring traffic to your sites and are a great way to create publicity surrounding your projects too. Become a Tour host today.

Important links for the BAN Network and the BAN Radio Show:

BAN Blog Meet and Greet Center

Become a Guest on BAN Talk Show

BAN Community Blog

EDC Creations Bookstore:

Warmest regards,

Ella Curry, President of EDC Creations Media
Black Authors Network Radio-Founder
Black Pearls Magazine -Founder

“Mediocrity always attacks excellence.” -- Michael Beckwith

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Who are the BAN Radio Show Listeners

Based on a survey we sent out October 20, 2013 to our email database of
165,000+ subscribers, we found out the following information about our readers. These numbers are based on 91% participating in the survey. The readers were surveyed on the Black Authors Network and Black Pearls Magazine potential to educate and entertain them weekly. Read the summarized data below to obtain a snapshot of the purchase power of our readers and subscribers.  We use this information to determine our campaign  approach. 

Age of Subscribers for Black Pearls and BAN Radio
7%----19-29   years old
51%---30-39  years old
37%---40-49  years old
4%---50-59  years old
1%-----60-79  years old

Gender and Sexual Preference
27%----LGBT or Alternate Lifestyle

Race or Cultural Identity of Subscribers
91%----US readers and fans
9%------International readers and fans
51%----African American
2%------Middle Eastern

Education of Subscribers
5%-----High School Grad Only
3%-----Some College
67%----College Grad
25%----Advanced Degree

Annual Income of Subscribers (only 81% answered)
1%----20k or under

Reading and Shopping Habits of Subscribers
61%--Wanted more diverse races and topics on the radio show
73%--Watch TV online via the networks, Hulu, Crackle or Netflix
77%--Still purchased printed books or read printed books
75%--Own a eReader, iPod or iPad
95%--Have smartphones or iPhones
67%--Post product reviews at online retailers
87%--Purchase based on recommendations vs. paid ads
76%--Have Blog or Tumblr account
86%--Have Twitter accounts
93%--Have Facebook accounts
81%--Have Youtube accounts
88%--Have Pandora accounts
81%--Have Amazon Kindle accounts
19%--Have B&N Nook accounts
94%--Prefer Texting over actual phone conversation
74%--Prefer Facebook over Twitter
81%--Prefer ooVoo or FaceTime over Skype for video chats
85%--Prefer YouTube as video provider
86%--Prefer online media versus printed media
44%--Still buy newspapers, magazines and CDs
85%--Our fans stay online 8 hours or more per day
77%--Check their email at least 5 times per day
84%--Will open email eblasts or newsletters
67%--Subscribe to opt-in email newsletters
91%--Prefer subscriptions to their inbox versus surfing the web
83%--Prefer live author readings over reading pdf excerpts
81%--Download favorites radio shows to share
92%--Download shows to personal listening devices
86%--Tell at least 5 people about the show
87%--Join Twitter chats and Facebook chats
66%--Add the radio widget player to their own blogs
55%--Hate auto-responders and email forwards from friends
54%--Spent more than 6 hours per month researching on Google

Attitudes, Values and Lifestyles
71%-----Read more than 5 printed books per month
78%-----Downloaded more than 10 books per month
63%-----Purchased books after listening to our radio show
53%-----Stated that price determined the purchase of ebooks
66%-----Gave books featured on the show as gifts
51%-----Joined book clubs online or Facebook groups
68%-----Purchase books for children or teen themed books
71%-----Favorite genre, Fiction
35%-----Favorite genre, Motivational
68%-----Favorite genre, Adult Content
49%-----Favorite genre, Non-fiction or poetry
89%-----Shop online weekly
14%-----Homemaker or stay at home parent
88%-----Spend more than $100.00 monthly for online entertainment
68%-----Married over 5 years
47%-----Single, without children
67%-----Single, but with children
82%-----In Committed relationship
68%-----Teenage children in the home
47%-----Caregiver to aging parent or relative



Visit the highly popular Black Pearls Magazine  brought to you by EDC Creations!

Visit the highly popular Black Pearls Magazine
 brought to you by EDC Creations!