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EDC Creations and its partners are proud to provide authors with the most comprehensive selection of Web 3.0 marketing and promotion services in the industry today. Below, you will find the various programs and services that we have put together to help you create a buzz and ultimately generate demand for your book.  We offer proven, cutting-edge approaches to online book promotion including virtual book launches, eblasts, blog tours, social networking, Amazon review campaigns, online media kits, blog promotion, article placement, and more. 





Seducing The Pen Package -- $350.00

Showcase your book or product in Black Pearls Magazine today.  
This package is ideal for new authors or to launch a new book/series!  
The campaign lasts for 60 days and includes eblast and BAN Radio interview.

Click the image to view a digital version of  Black Pearls Magazine.

This book launch special includes all of the services below for one price!

-- Audio Promotion on Twitter, Instagram, FFB and Google+, view sample. ($99.00 value)
-- 30 minute interview on Black Authors Nettwork Radio Show ($45.00 value)
-- Book excerpt posted to front page of Blaack Pearls Magazine ($99.00 value)
-- Email Eblast to our 165,000 readers of tthe EDC Database ($99.00 value)
-- Bookcover added to sidebar on Black Pearrls Mag front page for 2 months, view here.
-- Promotional material included in all EDCC Creations event swag bags and mail-outs
-- Written interview posted in BPM blog newwsletter distributed to 118,000 readers, view here.



Your package will include ALL of the services listed above. Books are promoted on social media for 60 days.  Excerpt and written interview stay on Black Pearls Magazine for 3 months. The email eblast and Pearl Page audio presentation will be active for 3 months.  BAN Radio Show interview with Ella Curry remains active for 6 months.  

The payment for this package can not be split.  No deposit payments available. Make all payments at the EDC Creations Payment Center below. We look forward to sharing your information with our network!  Ella will email your instructions within 24-48 hours.  

After your payment, you will receive 3 emails from the EDC team with your instructions. You will submit the requested material and the EDC Creations team will start to work on your campaign. Thank you for allowing us to help promote your book and business. No refunds after we make the first post to the web!  Any edits will require additional payments. No coaching comes with this package. 



EDC Creations Payment Center

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You do not need a PayPal account to make payments; the majority of our publishing clients do not have a PayPal  account. The steps below will take you to another option, so that you can make payments with a debit or credit card. 

Take a look at the instructions below and follow along.  I'm walking you through the payment with a debit card or credit card  and it does not require you to sign up or register for PayPal. 

1. Type in the amount you are paying in the payment box above. You will see ENTER AMOUNT.

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You will see their logos. Select your country and fill in your personal information.  When you finish, select REVIEW AND CONTINUE.  You can see your information again before selecting finish.



Join the Storytellers Book Tours

We Specialize in Book Club Pre-publication Promotions!

We are masters at using Internet tools to reach millions!  EDC Creations is the reigning online advertiser of books using RSS Feed Syndication.  Let us tell a world of readers about your book with THE STORYTELLERS BOOK  TOUR!   We can organize your blog tour, virtual book release party, book contests and article syndication. 

Purchase a package now and use it before December 30, 2017. 
There is not another provider in the business with this kind of reach or our comprehensive service packages!   All of the packages listed below ARE part of the Storytellers Book Tour online. We can shape this to fit your audience, message and vision.

EDC Services
*All inclusive package features*
4 month
5 months
6 months

Featured in the Monthly Storytellers Book Tour

Starts the first of each month. See details, click here.
* * *
BAN Radio Show - 60 minute interview & reading, listen here * * *
BAN Radio Show - 2 hour virtual book party,  interview & reading X X *
Smores Social Media flyer promotion, view here * * *
My Book is Coming Soon Group Eblast to 165,000 subscribers * * *
My Book is Available Now VIP eblast to 165,000 subscribers X * *
Books sold in EDC Creations Amazon online bookstore * * *
Black Pearls Magazine front page written interview or excerpt    * * *
Visual Campaign on Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter * * *
EDC Blog Syndication - listed on our 18 blogs and FB groups * * *
Audio postcard syndication to 400 bookclub leaders, view here * * *
Weekly Twitter announcement linked to audio postcard  * * *
Pinterest Contest Creation and Maintenance for 30 days * * *
Featured author on Black Pearls Magazine Facebook profile * * *
Featured author in Black Pearls Magazine Newsletter * * *
Featured author in BAN Radio Show Newsletter, after BAN interview * * *
Advance Reader's Copy/Galley mailing to (10+)  blog hosts * * *
Facebook, Instagram, Google +, Twitter banner promotion, view * * *
Black Pearls Magazine Tote Bag Giveaway at Events, view * * *
2-Full pages in Printed Black Pearls magazines view here X * *
Sneak Peek promotion to 50 websites, blogs or FB groups X * *
Billboard Feature on EDC Creations Front page, view here X * *
Facebook Timeline Cover Billboard Promo for 60 days, view here X * *
Goodreads Contest Creation and Maintenance for 60 days X X *
Instagram Promotion and Maintenance for 60 days X X *
Facebook Chat Event  included Feedblitz newsletter feature X X *
16-hours of coaching via teleconferences with ebook support X X *
Featured in EDC Creations traveling book show for 4 months X X *
Featured guest on 3 BAN Radio Special Holiday/Event Programs X X *
Fee for services provided by EDC Creations
X  -  not included in the package
- service inclued in the package






We accept a 50% non-refundable deposit on the DINAH and Retainer  packages only.  

Balance due in 30 days or contract is void.  No exceptions!  No extentions!  No refunds. 

You will NOT be added to the Storytellers Book Tour for the following month, until all payments have been made.

No pornographic material promoted at EDC Creations. 
We exercise the right to turn down any book that does not meet our professional standards.  We will promote ebooks, novellas, audio books, as well as printed books.  

Log into Twitter and Facebook in order to see our posts and all of the samples. If you are not logged in, you might not be able to see all of the content. All of the blue words are active links to samples.





EDC Creations Retainer Based Services          
Do you feel overwhelmed? Do you feel as if you are being left behind? Want to get more publicity for your book, publishing house, small business, online radio show, etc.?  Let us do the foot work and you focus on the creative side of business!  You are not alone, there are people here to chart your course.  Once a base package is purchased, the owner can decide if we should continue to maintain the service, update the social networks and keep readers up to date. Read this entire page for an overview of the different programs we offer. Email us with any questions at:

We are here to do as little or as much as you need us to do!  EDC Creations offers complete marketing assistance. No business is too small or too large to benefit from partnering with us. We work on your media presentation, building your brand, increasing your territory, connecting you with the  "go to people",  creating online speaking events for you, and everything else required to get the publicity you deserve. We work on monthly retainer or by established project contracts. Digital and social media have fundamentally changed how we do business and connect with our target consumers.  Don't get left behind by not seeking professional help. We are here for you, committing to unparalleled service for each client. We are stakeholders in your future too!  

Led by industry veteran Ella Curry, EDC Creations offers cutting edge technology and the most innovative strategies, all to present each of our clients as a expert in their field!  Below, you will find the various programs and services that we have put together to help you create a buzz and ultimately generate demand for your book, service or business. The base prices for setup are listed. The monthly retainer fees, to keep the program going, will be negotiated. The retainer fee is based on the level of service provided,  starting at $600.00 per month.

Listed below are four retainer based campaigns. Explore each one to find the best fit:
Ellington-950.00   |    Langston-1,800.00   |     Wheatley-2,800.00    |    Zora-5,500.00

Why EDC Creations

 EDC Creations has evolved from a one-person event planning operation to one of the nation's leading African American woman owned, Internet publicity and book promotion firms. Ella Curry, the owner, has spent years studying, researching and creating relationships with publishing industry professionals as well as forging a unique bond with the foundation of the publishing world— the avid readers and bookclub owners. 

While our expansion from boutique event planning and brand consultant agency to a multi-faceted public relations firm has greatly expanded the directory of our services and recognition, the fundamental driving force behind everything we do is a dedication to improve literacy, establishing our clients as leaders and to expand the online territory of our clients. Adding a 360 degree view of the industry is easy, Ella has been a bookstore buyer for the legendary Karibu Books book chain, literary director for A Good Books independent bookstore, award winning Internet radio host, digital magazine publisher, motivational speaker, social media correspondent, corporate event planner and avid reader for 35 years.

Why Do We Care

Fantastic and memorable branding is the product of a clear vision, filled with purpose, and nobody knows more about vision than authors and small business owners. But, with limited resources, creating a brand identity and delivering it to the media can be tricky. Fortunately, building brand awareness on the Internet doesn't need to take a lot of money or resources, but it requires a strong foundation, a good plan and a investment of your time. 

EDC Creations has several marketing options to help you chart your course into branding YOU and your company. If you are a new business owner, small publishing house, or a published author—you will benefit greatly from becoming part of the EDC Creations Network! 

Let us help you take your company to the top. Let us take you to where the savvy 21 century consumer now lives– online. We want our voices to be heard from the highest peaks. Literature, poetry, art, and music all define us as a people and leave a remarkable legacy. We feel as if it's our job to help you become a part of history! 




Full-Service  Publicity  Campaigns

When it comes to idea generation and strategy development, we explore opportunities across all media formats – Internet media, traditional print, radio, television, and RSS feed syndication – to create a viral marketing campaign for each project and to establish strong platforms for our clients, that will last long after our campaign ends. On the Internet things can live forever...or close to it!

EDC Creations can be hired on retainer to act as your virtual assistant, publicist, arranging interviews, syndicating your work, promoting your books across the Internet, coaching authors on the most effective ways to reach their target audience and secure media presentations for the book. Contact us today to discuss your company's plan to increase your brand awareness and viral marketing. We will work with one author or as many as 10 authors at one time!

Our full-service publicity campaigns incorporate traditional  and Internet media contacts at the local, regional and national levels. Our publicity campaigns typically range from two to six months. However, we have the ability to tailor our campaigns to each author or publishers’ unique requirements. 

The campaign timeline recommended for each project depends on our plan to move forward.   EDC Creations will review and implement a personalized, social media cross-marketing strategy, that includes email database campaigns, branding enforcement, increasing revenue stream opportunities, and the creation of online blog tours and e-newsletter campaigns.

Listed below are four retainer based campaigns. Explore each one to find the best fit:
Ellington-950.00   |    Langston-1,800.00   |     Wheatley-2,800.00    |    Zora-5,500.00

Campaign Management
An online book marketing and PR campaign requires a high level of dedication on the part of the client. Establishing quality communication with the PR team, that ultimately reflects your unique voice, will be essential. Our communication skills, combined with our loyal partnerships, are the tools that will build massive followings and long-term relationships for our clients and their readers. 

A variety of cutting-edge strategies will be used daily to continuously build a strong brand, pinpoint your target audience and to connect you with people interested in your message. These activities are focused on building a loyal following of people who will purchase your products or services and tell others to do the same. Every client we work with is unique, it has it's own voice and message, so every client deserves a unique campaign. If you have more questions or would like a 30-minute coaching session, please email us at:  We welcome your business!

EDC Creations Payment Center
When purchasing products or services from EDC Creations, you may submit your payment below with your credit or debit cards. Sorry, we do not accept eChecks.  Submit your payment below, for any amount.  You will be taken to PayPal to complete the transaction. Please scroll toward the bottom of the PayPal page and fill out the form completely. Include the name and description of the package you are purchasing.  
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Payments Through Paypal

Note: A representative will email you at the PayPal address that you made the payment from with further instructions. If this PayPal address is not your main email address, make sure you check out that account for our message. Service will begin after the transaction are completed and all checks cleared. Thank you for contacting us to help you promote your book or business to new levels. No refunds once service starts. All deposits are non-refundable.