Full-Service Publicity Campaigns for Publishers

Full-Service Publicity Campaigns

Our full-service publicity campaigns incorporate print, radio, television and Internet media contacts at the local, regional and national level. Our publicity campaigns typically range from two to six months. However, we have the ability to tailor our campaigns to each author or publishers’ unique requirements. The campaign timeline recommended for each book accepted by our team depends on our analysis of the author’s credentials and media potential of the book’s message.

Campaign Management

Each media campaign is assigned a publicist who serves as the campaign manager for the duration of the contract. We carefully select the campaign partners and agents best suited to meet each author’s specific objectives. Our publicity team has one of the lowest author/publicist ratios in the industry, which allows for personalized attention, ongoing feedback and detailed weekly reporting.

To the Next Level

To rise above the competition, a company must develop its brand and then deliver that image to the public in a way in which it resonates; developing a lasting, positive relationship with the public or trade it serves. Our team-based approach and commitment to high levels of communication are vitally important to our results-driven publicity services. In addition to weekly campaign reports and interview schedules, we provide consistent communication throughout each campaign and strive to establish a long-term relationship with each client we take on.


In-House Internet Publicist

Want to get more publicity for your book, publishing house, small business, online radio show, etc., EDC Creations offers complete marketing assistance. No business is too small or too large to benefit from partnering with us. Hiring a publicist for your book is the right thing to do! You need to have a professional who can create the right professional image for you. We work on your media kit, building your brand, increasing your territory, submitting press releases and articles, connecting you with the "go to people", creating speaking events for you, and everything else required to get you the publicity you deserve. We work on monthly retainer or by a established project contracts.

Contact us today to discuss your company's plan to increase your brand awareness and viral marketing. We will work with one author or as many as 10 authors at one time!

EDC Creations can be hired on retainer to act as your publicist, arranging interviews, syndicating your work, promoting your books across the Internet, coaching your authors on the most effective way to reach your target audience and securing media presentations of you and your book.

We will hold bi-weekly coaching conference calls to educate the authors on the latest promotions efforts brought to your publishing house. Each author on contract is given a brand makeover.

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The Black Authors Network Special Broadcasts for each author included.
BAN Radio:

The Black Authors Network, supports literacy and the craft of writing in every form. Our shows have 300-400 downloads per show, we have 70, 000 listeners and we have the shows syndicated to 130 RSS feeds, including iTunes. Your message will be heard by the masses. To top that off, your fans can chat in the chat room with you while you are live on the air. We have one of the best Internet Literary Shows on the airwaves.

The retainer fee for all of the services above for the house, representing up to 10 authors and to generate publicity for the entire organization starts at $1,500.00 per month. No refunds once service begins. Payments are made in full by the 1st day of each month. Contract cancelled immediately if late payments occur. We reserve the right to refuse to promote books that do not represent our brand in a good light.  We reserve the right to end relationships with individual authors of the house.

Contact us today if we can help you and your authors create an impact!